4 Nov 2023

FLOCK in Methil

Join us to explore sounds and engage with newly invented playful instruments!

27 Oct 2023

Soundfestival 2023 – FLOCK

Join us for the premiere of audiovisual artist Kathy Hinde’s new children show, FLOCK.

4 Nov 2018

Aeolian at November Music Festival

November Music Festival showcases the prominent composers of our time.

15 Sep 2018

Aeolian at Sacrum Profanum Festival

We head to Sacrum Profanum Festival for the Polish premiere of Aeolian.

17 Nov 2017

HCMF 40: Aeolian

The World Premiere of Maja S K Ratkje and Kathy Hinde’s Aeolian.

17 Apr 2017

Aeolian Workshop

We are working with composer Maja Ratkje, video/sound artist Kathy Hinde and accordionist Andreas Borregaard on a new work Aeolian.

14 Aug 2016

‘Aeolian’ Development Residency

A project drawing inspiration from airflow conducted to move sound and objects.