18 Mar 2024

FLOCK – Project Pitch at Classical:NEXT 2024 in Berlin

FLOCK has been selected for the Classical:NEXT 2024 Projects Pitches!

25 Oct 2023

FLOCK in Methil

Join us to explore sounds and engage with newly invented playful instruments!

12 Sep 2023

Soundfestival 2023 – FLOCK

Join us for the premiere of audiovisual artist Kathy Hinde’s new children show, FLOCK.

1 Jun 2018

Aeolian at Sacrum Profanum Festival

We head to Sacrum Profanum Festival for the Polish premiere of Aeolian.

3 Apr 2018

Aeolian at November Music Festival

November Music Festival showcases the prominent composers of our time.

21 Aug 2017

HCMF 40: Aeolian

The World Premiere of Maja S K Ratkje and Kathy Hinde’s Aeolian.

1 Mar 2017

Aeolian Workshop

We are working with composer Maja Ratkje, video/sound artist Kathy Hinde and accordionist Andreas Borregaard on a new work Aeolian.

6 Jul 2016

‘Aeolian’ Development Residency

A project drawing inspiration from airflow conducted to move sound and objects.