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FLOCK – Project Pitch at Classical:NEXT 2024 in Berlin

FLOCK has been selected for the Classical:NEXT 2024 Projects Pitches!

FLOCK has been selected for the Classical:NEXT 2024 Project Pitches. The presentation will be on Wednesday 15th May between 14:00-15:15.

Classical:NEXT Project Pitches are targeted, fast-moving opportunities for creators and those on the lookout for new creations, a ‘seek and find’ for collaboration and inspiration. This format allows representatives from ensembles, music theatre productions and music projects to offer rapid insight into their current offerings.

More on FLOCK:
FLOCK is a 30 minute small ensemble piece with a strong visual element, created for children and families of all ages. It is centred around a suite of newly invented playful instruments that use bellows, pipes, reeds, whistles, origami combined with the more traditional instruments; flute, cello and percussion. Opening with a sonically and visually captivating performance by the musicians, the audience are gently encouraged to become more involved until, through their collective effort, a chirping flock comes into being.

FLOCK was co-commissioned by Red Note Ensemble and Sound and developed with Oakwood Primary School.


15 May, 2024 - 14:00 to 15:15

Colosseum Berlin
Schönhauser Allee 123
Berlin - 10437

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