Creative Learning

Red Note has extensive involvement in the field of Creative Learning – our Access, Engagement and Participation (AEP) programme.

We take a diverse and inclusive approach to learning, grounded in the belief that music is a universal language that can be understood and used by everybody. Red Note’s AEP programme covers a wide range of projects for a wide range of people: from workshops for school pupils (New Music Makers, Songbook) to developmental courses for young musicians (Go Compose!, Red Note Advanced Academy, RCS Residency), for composers (Red Note Advanced Academy, RCS Residency, Go Compose!) and for conductors (RCS Residency), all at different stages of their professional development.

At the core of Red Note’s access, engagement and participation is our long-term 5 Places project. Targeting five locations across central Scotland over a period of several years, the project’s aim is for us to properly get to know people at all ages and stages in their own neighbourhoods at grassroots level, and work with them to develop creative music-making in the heart of their communities. We are in to our second year working within Easterhouse (see the Oakwood Songbook Project), and are just beginning to work in Methil; later this year we will start in Ferguslie Park in Paisley, with the two final places commencing in subsequent years.

We also offer work for and with the community in short- or long-term projects such as our ground-breaking ‘musical conversations’ with people with severe disabilities (Cherry Road Centre, Bonnyrigg, in partnership with Artlink), concerts for the elderly in Residential Care Homes (as part of our Highland and Island Tours) and music for refugees (in partnership with The Welcoming, Edinburgh), to mention a few.

To find out more about Red Note’s AEP programme, please do contact Red Note’s Director of Access, Engagement and Participation, Louise Martin: Louise [at]

Composer Development Workshops

A yearly residential programme for 5 Scotland-based composers to develop new works for a specific instrumentation, supported by Red Note musicians and mentored by established composers. The new pieces are premiered at soundfestival in the Autumn.

The Engaged Composer

sound and Red Note Ensemble present 3 open zoom sessions for emerging composers interested in learning more about how to inspire and work effectively with community groups.

SPIN in collaboration with Artlink

Stemming from previous collaborations with Artlink, developing ground-breaking ‘musical conversations’ with people with severe disabilities at the Cherry Road Centre (Bonnyrigg), SPIN was part of the Altered States & Human Threads season of immersive events aimed at breaking down barriers of difference through shared experience at Tramway, Glasgow from September 23d to October 14th 2019.

The Songbook Project

Red Note undertakes a variety of exciting work with younger musicians; from taking brand new music into the classroom and making opportunities to meet the music close-up, to collaborations with beginning creative musicians. Find out more about one of our most recent partnerships with the brilliant makers of the Songbook project.

New Music Makers

New Music Makers inspires and supports composing within high schools, and demonstrates how a professional ensemble working in partnership with a school can create a genuine, practical legacy, enabling the school to take the work forward independently.

Go Compose!

Go Compose! is a UK-wide project encouraging more young people aged 14 – 19 (and in full-time education) to develop their creative voices and make new work.

Red Note Advanced Academy

Designed to help bridge the gap between advanced postgraduate performance study and the experience of the full time professional player, Red Note Advanced Academy works with students from Europe’s most prestigious conservatoires.

RCS Residency

As Contemporary Ensemble in Residence at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Red Note is a key partner in supporting the development of emerging conductors and composers, offering vital experience in working with professional musicians.

5 Places

Red Note likes to make working relationships which last. Find out how we’re developing longer term engagement projects with communities around Scotland.