Go Compose!

Go Compose!

We love to work with emerging composers at all stages of their creative development, so Go Compose! is right up our street! Initiated and promoted UK-wide by Sound and Music, Go Compose! is delivered in Scotland exclusively by our friends at sound, in collaboration with Red Note.

Taster sessions in September see our musicians promoting the project in geographically isolated high schools around north east Scotland, following which the full Go Compose! project launches in October, hosted by sound. Over an intensive period of three days, the young composers are mentored by two inspiring professional composers and three Red Note musicians, developing their skills and creating a new piece of work from scratch. The course culminates in a sharing of their new music in the atmospheric setting of Woodend Barn.

Are you a musician aged 14 – 19 years, interested in stretching your composing skills? We’d love to see you on the next project! Contact participate@sound-scotland.co.uk for more information

Previous editions

2011 – Composers Pippa Murphy and David Fennessy.

2012 – Composers Kerry Andrews and Gabriel Jackson.

2013 – Composers Kerry Andrews and Gabriel Jackson.

2014 – Composers Pippa Murphy and Gareth Williams.

2015 – Composers Oliver Searle and Usui Shiori.

2016 – Composers John De Simone and Kerry Andrew.

2017 – Composers John De Simone and Eleanor Alberga.

2018 – Composers Laura Bowler and Edwin Hillier.

2019 – Composers Ailie Robertson and Linda Buckley.

2020 – Composers Naomi Pinnock and Ailie Robertson.


More Info

Contact Louise for more information on any of our learning projects, Louise@rednoteensemble.com