Projects available for touring

A selection of Red Note’s recent and current multi-artform projects available for touring.

Our multi-artform projects are created in collaboration with artists from other disciplines. They are made for all kinds of spaces and can be adapted for touring to standard and non-standard venues.


Combining newly-designed air-powered instruments with live musicians to create a new part-performance, part kinetic-sculptural work, Aeolian is a deeply-integrated new work by Norwegian composer Maja S K Ratkje, UK installation artist Kathy Hinde and Danish accordionist Andreas Borregaard.

Dillon: Tanz/haus: triptych 2017

James Dillon’s composition Tanz/haus is a brilliant piece of music; its construction solid, its expression human, with a breathtaking and shimmering orchestration. The Scotsman is one of the most colourful composers in Europe. His works pair an intriguing complexity with an original and lush dreamy sound world.


Red Note Ensemble and Matthew Hawkins’s new production and choreography of Vesalii Icones – available from Autumn 2018.

Written in 1969 this is one of Peter Maxwell Davies’s classic works of concert-hall music theatre.

KEIN for invented instruments

KEIN is a continuing exploration and extension 
of François Sarhan’s fascination with the absurd, counterintuitive and virtuosic in both presentation and performance practice.