Aeolian is a deeply-integrated new work by Norwegian composer Maja S.K. Ratkje, UK installation artist Kathy Hinde and Danish accordionist Andreas Borregaard and commissioned by Red Note Ensemble.

Combining newly-designed air-powered instruments with live musicians to create a new part-performance, part kinetic-sculptural work, Aeolian had its world premiere at hcmf//40 in 2017 and won the ISM Award for Collaboration at the 2018 Scottish Awards for New Music.

Aeolian draws its inspiration and title from the “breath” of the accordion. Ratkje and Hinde have collaborated closely on creating this unique piece with accordion soloist Andreas Borregaard, placing him and his instrument at the centre of the work , both physically and musically. To this end, the collaborators have designed and built new air-activated instruments to create a sculptural installation fully integrated with the acoustic ensemble. These aeolian instruments are sometimes autonomous, and sometimes  mechanically activated by the musicians during the piece, blending the sounds of the installation with the musicians’ conventional instruments in a composed, breathing entirety.






Maja S.K. Ratkje, Composer

Kathy Hinde, Artist

Andreas Borregaard, Accordion

Red Note Ensemble:

Jackie Shave, violin

Rachel Spencer, 2nd violin

Felix Tanner, viola

Robert Irvine, cello

Nikita Naumov, double bass

Joy Smith, clarsach

Sasha Poya Savaloni, guitar

Ruth Morley, flute

William White, clarinet

Chris Stearn, trombone

Tom Hunter, percussion

Rhian MacLeod, percussion

Production Manager: Kostas Christakos

Producer: Katja Armknecht


Performance Dates

March/April 2021
Vancouver New Music/Canada Tour

September 2019
Lammermuir, East Linton, UK

September 2019
Ultima, Oslo, Norway

November 2018
November Music, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

October 2018
Sound Festival, Aberdeen, UK

September 2018
Sacrum Profanum Festival, Krakow, Poland

November 2017
hcmf Huddersfield, UK

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