We are delighted to be working with audio-visual artist Kathy Hinde again after the success of Aeolian in 2017.

FLOCK is centred around a suite of newly invented playful instruments that use bellows, birdwhistles, pipes, reeds, origami birds, inflatables, hand-wound generators, pedals and more.

Opening with a sonically and visually captivating performance by the musicians, the children are gently encouraged to get more involved to help activate the instruments until through their collective effort, they form a small chirping flock as part of the ensemble.

FLOCK evolves from sounds emanating from small sound-making objects and explores the songs and calls of birds and the sounds of a woodland, building towards the impression of a flock of birds taking off. Origami birds slowly flap their paper wings overhead, music boxes tinkle, automated swanee whistles twitch and flutter, accordion reeds and organ pipes resonate through hand-made horns… and musicians play their instruments too… interwoven with surprises.

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