New Music Makers

New Music Makers

New Music Makers is a high school composing project targeting Higher/Advanced Higher Music young composers (though we can also work with Nat 5). Taking place over five sessions, the project works in partnership with each school’s music department staff and instrument instructors. Whatever the pupils write we take seriously. We don’t require them to produce perfectly notated works right away. Red Note composers and players work alongside staff and pupils to explore and create new music.
We work with pupils’ initial ideas by interpreting them on the spot. By building a level of trust between the musicians and pupils, they progress rapidly, creating fully-formed, fully-notated, coherent pieces within the sessions, and with support from their teachers outwith them. The concluding informal performance provides an inspiring platform for the hard work and creativity of our young composers.

This programme was launched eight years ago and we’re very happy to be back In 2022/23 in four schools: Levenmouth Academy, Tynecastle High School, Kirkintilloch High School and Castlehead High School. Over the course of five sessions, a Red Note composer and three musicians work along pupils to explore and create new music while sparking inspiration and creativity among the pupils. The last session is an informal performance providing a platform to the young composers to showcase the fruit of their hard work.

“I have really enjoyed this experience. It’s mind-blowing to actually hear my own music played by real life people.” (Pupil)

“I just wanted to thank you and the team so much for the delivery of the composing project. The pupils have benefited so much…. Each one of the team had a fantastic approach towards the young people and really encouraged and motivated them in their compositions. Speaking on behalf of the staff, we all have learnt so much from working with your team which we are already carrying forwards as we work with younger pupils in the classes too. 
Thank you again so much to yourself for the coordination of such a wonderful project and the team for inspiring both our young people and staff in composition!” (Teacher)


Previous editions:
– 2016: Barrhead High School, Woodfarm High School, Lochend Community High School, Kirkland High School.
– 2017: Hillhead High School, Notre Dame School, Kings Park Secondary School, Shawlands Academy.
– 2018: Hillhead High School, Kilmarnock Academy, Kirkintilloch High School.
– 2019: Kirkintilloch High School, Levenmouth Academy.


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