Scottish-Indian fusion with Reels to Ragas at sound Festival

30 Oct 2014

Kuljit Bhamra tells us why he’s looking forward to this weekend Reel to Ragas at sound festival….

I’m really looking forward to more Reels to Ragas with Red Note this weekend! New pieces, new musos and new sounds.

Fraser Fifield on pipes/sax and Tony Moffat on fiddle. Exciting to see what we all bring to the table (or should I say stage!). Personally, I have a couple of new pieces in development that explore tabla rhythms in a deeper way.

I’d also like to further develop my multi-tabla playing skills with the group and try playing simple melodic phrases on two or three tuned tablas as well as rhythm – usually only one tuned tabla is used.

Fraser plays a range of pipes (border, whistles, soprano sax and also a Balkan ‘kaval’!) and I’m eager to find out which of those will be suitable for each piece – perhaps a combination of two or more! Rehearsals this afternoon and then we’re on the road to Aberdeen tomorrow…

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