5 Dec 2013

We’ve decided to don our Red Note Santa Robes this Monday Night, 9th December, for a very special Christmas Noisy Night, and we really hope you will join us. With a santa hat, if you wish …

All of the usual ingredients will be there – brand new pieces from new, emerging and established composers, and the 10-minute Composer’s Challenge where YOU get to write a piece for us – but there’s the added twist that all the new pieces must include a well-known Christmas Carol, in some form. We’ve got sing-a-long Noisy Night pieces for you, the audience to join in with, we’ve got funny pieces, we’ve got serious pieces, and we’ve got wild pieces that’ll leave you scratching your head in bewilderment.

Who said contemporary music wasn’t supposed to be fun?!

Do come to the Red Note Noisy Night Christmas Special, Monday 9th December 8pm, in the Bar of the Traverse Theatre, FREE!


Derek Ball: Three Zombie Kings
Martin Gaughan: (Not a) Silent Night
Charles E Gaskell: Christmas!
Rachael Forsyth: I Don’t Want to be Resting
Lucy Hollingworth: Over the Horizon
John Hearne: Xmas in the Shopping Mall
Conrad Molleson: Good King Winceless
Vroni Holzmann: Memories of Things Not True
Philip Smith: Three Men in a Boat
Paul Chilver: Buss or Beild
Amble Skuse: Untitled (probably “let’s get shot of Christmas”)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

John and all at Red Note!


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