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Noisy Words

Risk-taking and a sense of adventure are essential components in any collaboration, and we want to take the brave experimentation of Red Note’s Noisy Nights and the Traverse’s Words, Words, Words contributors a step further by hooking up Noisy composers and Words writers to see what blares, jangles, purrs, chirps and warbles out of the mix for this special, one-off event in the Traverse’s Autumn Festival.

Writers and composers of all stripes are invited to submit proposals for the chance to become involved in this one-off mélange of creative expression; please email john@rednoteensemble.com or Jennifer.williams@traverse.co.uk for full details and the proposal guidelines.


Proposal submission deadline: Monday 27th September


Come along on the night to hear the dramatic results of the collaborations; will our musical and wordy matchmaking result in harmonious marriages?  You decide!



18 November, 2010 - 19:15 to 22:00

Traverse Theatre
10 Cambridge Street
Edinburgh - EH1 2ED

We would like to encourage our audience to use low emission forms of transport to attend our concerts. Please use the links below to find out how to get there by public transport and cycling: