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The End of the World (for one night only)

Join Red Note on the 21st December 2012 as we prepare ourselves for the end of the world.

Do you remember the moment you realised the world was going to end? Did you feel panic? Fear? Were you excited or frozen to the spot? Or maybe, just maybe, you felt hope for the possibility of a new beginning…?

This is a one-off, site-specific music-and-theatre piece about the predicted apocalypse, for an audience of 100 people only. With new work by Gareth Williams, John Harris, Oliver Emanuel, Hanna Tuulikki, Colin Broom and Ludwig van Beethoven about beginnings and endings, time and nothingness, the things we leave behind and what we want to take into the future.

“Who can bear himself forgotten?” (WH Auden)

Director Andy Arnold

Performers Red Note Ensemble

Composers Gareth Williams, John Harris, Hanna Tuulikki, Colin Broom, Ludwig van Beethoven

Writer Oliver Emanuel

In Partnership with Summerhall and the Traverse Theatre



21 December, 2012 - 21:00 to 23:00

Summerhall Pl.
Edinburgh - EH9 1QH
United Kingdom

Cost: £6.00 – £15.50

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