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Noisy Nights in 4/4

Guidelines: 4/4 time, ideally played to a backing track, and for violin, cello and accordion.

Red Note’s celebration of contemporary composition. Listen to some cutting-edge new music in the relaxed atmosphere of the Traverse Theatre bar, and take part (if you dare) in the 10-Minute Composing Challenge: write a piece down on the free music paper provided and the best audience composition will be performed at the end of the night. The stipulations for commissions this time round are that the music has to be in 4/4, should ideally be played to a backing track, and has to be for violin, cello and accordion. (The challenge, then, is to stop it from sounding like Serbian turbo-folk…)

28 May, 2012 - 20:00 to 22:00

Traverse Theatre Bar
10 Cambridge Street
Edinburgh - EH1 2ED
United Kingdom

We would like to encourage our audience to use low emission forms of transport to attend our concerts. Please use the links below to find out how to get there by public transport and cycling: