A Children’s Guide to Anarchy

A Children’s Guide to Anarchy

One of our ongoing AEP projects is “A Children’s Guide to Anarchy”, a project in collaboration with Oakwood Primary School, Easterhouse communities and film-makers Dumbworld.

“A Children’s Guide to Anarchy” is a project born from our 5 Places programme, which targets five locations across central Scotland. With this programme we aim to properly get to know people in their own neighbourhood at grassroots level, and work with them to make and create new live music together in the heart of their community over a number of years.

This Easterhouse collaboration is based on the ideas and voices of Oakwood Primary School’s pupils and their partnered groups from the wider community.

The project is led by composer Brian Irvine who wanted to allow young people’s anarchy to direct us, the grown-ups, on ways in which we can uncover the best of what we as humans can be.

From this was born the children’s new creed of Anarchy, further supplemented by appendices from their community partners, and within a few weeks seven new works were created that formed the backbone of a new musical doctrine: “A Children’s Guide to Anarchy”.

This work was developed throughout 2022, where pupils found their voice with the help of Red Note vocal coach Rachel Spencer and developed their creative minds with Brian Irvine and Creative Fellow Martina Corsini. In April 2022, our musicians joined them for a showing of their work. After the summer, our players met again to record Brian Irvine’s scores followed in November by the recording of the songs at Oakwood Primary. Each class which had been working on the project were able to record their songs.

The next step in this project is the shooting of the film which will include all the songs created by the Easterhouse communities and it will be showcased in Easterhouse in the Summer 2023.

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