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Red Note Ensemble and Matthew Hawkins’s new production and choreography of Vesalii Icones – available from Autumn 2018.

Written in 1969 this is one of Peter Maxwell Davies’s classic works of concert-hall music theatre. An extraordinarily dramatic, multi-layered fusion of dance and music, its shape superimposes the 14 stations of the Cross on a series of 16th-century anatomical drawings by Vesalius, with a dancer and a solo cellist as the protagonists.

Scored for the classic Fires of London Sextet line-up the work is filled with unconventional percussion instruments, a honky tonk piano and much allusion to foxtrots as well as medieval and renaissance music.

In contrast to the vibrant sonorities of Vesalii Icones, this work can be presented with a  first half featuring the atmospheric piano works inspired by Persia and written during the First World War by the prolific French composer Charles Koechlin.

Choreographer / Dancer: Matthew Hawkins
Dancer: Soraya Ham



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