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Noisy Words

Risk-taking and a sense of adventure are essential components in any collaboration, and we want to take the brave experimentation of Red Note’s Noisy Nights and the Traverse’s Words, Words, Words contributors a step further by hooking up Noisy composers and Words writers to see what blares, jangles, purrs, chirps and warbles out of the mix for this special, one-off event in the Traverse’s Autumn Festival.

Writers and composers of all stripes are invited to submit proposals for the chance to become involved in this one-off mélange of creative expression; please email john@rednoteensemble.com or Jennifer.williams@traverse.co.uk for full details and the proposal guidelines.


Proposal submission deadline: Monday 27th September


Come along on the night to hear the dramatic results of the collaborations; will our musical and wordy matchmaking result in harmonious marriages?  You decide!




18 November, 2010 - 19:15 to 22:00

Traverse Theatre
10 Cambridge Street
Edinburgh - EH1 2ED